[pdftex] textrace unique number?

S2P development taco.hoekwater at wkap.nl
Tue Jun 5 14:47:55 CEST 2001

Y&Y Support wrote:

> At 12:55 2001-06-05 +0200, Berthold Crysmann wrote:
>> Sherlock Holmes wrote:
>> > Can someone tell me what the role is of the unixque number textrace
>> > needs when it produces .pfb files?
>> >
>> Or, put differently:
>> Under what circumstances does it actually matter if two, though distinct
>> fonts happen to have the same ID?
>> If it does: How to make the ID unique given there are tons of Type1
>> fonts out there?

 From the Adobe spec:

The numbers from 4,000,000 to 4,999,999 form an  open  range for Type 1 
font programs used in a  controlled environment.  An individual, 
company, or service bureau can create its own font programs such as font 
programs with extra characters, with logos, or with transformations and 
assign numbers from the open range. ID conflicts should not occur if all 
other font pro-grams in use are from vendors whose UniqueID numbers have 
been allocated by Adobe Systems.

If you *must* use an UniqueId, stay within that range: most renderers 
silently do not cache fonts within this range across jobs, and some even 
are friendly enough to silently disable caching within the job if they 
encounter two identical IDs in the same job. (as opposed to raising an 
/InvalidFont error).

But it would be much better to remove the UniqueId alltogether until 
someone requests (and gets) a set of assigned UniqueId numbers from 
Adobe's ID database maintainer.

A value of zero (0) is definately wrong!

Greetings, Taco

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