[pdftex] AR 5 not working with pdftex?

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Sun Jun 3 12:15:46 CEST 2001


This experiment was again very illuminating!

Probably the reason it works the way you say is that apparently
everything is fine *until* you run into a gap in the Subrs array.
So e.g. if you use all of the glyphs that use hint replacement,
then all the corresponding Subrs will be present, and there
will be no problem.

Apparently the problem occurs when you use a glyph that
calls a Subr *after* the first gap (which explains why "fi" always
works --- it uses the first hint replacement Subr right after the
"boiler plate" linkage code for FlexProc and hint replacement.

At 19:25 2001-06-03 +1000, Robert Howlett wrote:
>The problem glyphs are precisely the ones for which the
>character drawing routines use "callsubr", except for
>the first one which uses this, namely fi.
>Apparently the first use of this is OK, after that the
>program gets confused.
>In fact, if you print the characters that use "callsubr"
>in order then the problem doesn't appear.
>e.g. the following file was OK
>\char12 \char13 \char14 \char15 \char25 \char26 \char30 \char36
>\char37 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 \char62 \char63
>If the initial \char12 is left out then the problem
>Since the subroutines in question are only used once each,
>it looks like it would be easy enough to hack the font to fix

Actually, you could not move the Subrs into the CharStrings.
Hint replacement requires that the code for the new hints
be in a Subr.  But you could fix pdfTeX/DVIPS so they
renumber the Subrs.  In fact, I seem to remember commenting
on this "issue" to HTH a  few month/years back when
there was another problem with PDF output.

>(I don't understand the code very well myself, but that's
>how things look to me.)

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