[pdftex] AR 5 not working with pdftex?

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Sat Jun 2 13:00:14 CEST 2001

At 16:47 2001-06-02 +0100, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

>Y&Y Support writes:
>  > P.S. These "problems" with Acrobat 5 Reader do not
>  > occur with PDF files made using Y&Y TeX/DVIPSONE
>  > and Distiller 4 or Distiller 5.
>do they occur with "dvips -j" and Distiller 5? dvips and pdftex share
>the same code for subsetting fonts. It might isolate the problem to
>find out if dvips is affected.
>are these newer versions of CM on the Y&Y site freely

No. These have additional hinting, all the changes Knuth
made (not just the "delta" in the math italic), and additional
in-between sizes (of the "AMS" extra "CM" bold math fonts
and the AMS math fonts msam* and msbm*).

>the web page will not work for me...

Sorry about that.
Our service provider is screwing up in a major way.
The site has been down for a day, with no ETA.
Don't use TIAC, US.INTER, PSINET or whatever
the nom-de-jour of these fly-by-night operators are
(ISP's get bought out, taken over, bankrupted, etc. on
an almost weekly basis here).


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