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Tue Jul 17 08:03:28 CEST 2001

At 02:12 2001-07-17 +0200, Martin Schröder wrote:

> > earlier this year) but even so he's not completely infallible.  i bet
> > there are other industrialised (whatever that means) countries that
> > use letter as their standard size...
>Definitely not many. The USA are the only industrialized country
>that is officially not metric.

But what about North Yemen and Burnei :-)?

Also, I seem to recollect, there are a few places that have gone
metric and do not use A4 paper.

As for "officially", there have been many laws passed by congress
starting way back in something like 1786 to change.  Its just
that somehow nobody pays any attention. The exception being
a few things like wine bottles (750 ml) and heavily export
oriented industries (like Caterpillar tractor).

Also, people in so-called "metric' countries shouldn't slap
themselves on the back too hard.  Supposedly the world change
to SI in about 1960, but I don't see that having taken hold.
One sees mixtures of cm and m, use of deprecated units
like Angstrom and centigrade etc. reversions to mks,
and on occasion even cgs.
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