[pdftex] psfrag like functionality in pdflatex?

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Thu Jul 5 14:06:27 CEST 2001

> »  We (Wendy McKay and myself) call those places in the graphic "Marked Points",
> » and are working with Tom Ruark at Adobe to develop a plug-in that allows
> » the marked-points to be specified using Adobe Illustrator, as you compose
> » the graphic. This plug-in will be demonstrated in one of the talks at TUG2001,
> » and before then at CalTech when I visit in August.
> you mean that something similar to xfig's export  combined esp/latex
> would be feasible with illustrator?

Hi Thierry.

Sorry this has been a long time coming.
I've just put up an example document using pdf-TeX and labelling an illustration
from Adobe Illustrator v9.02 (Macintosh) with the special Marked Objects plug-in.


It has 2 imported images, one of which has been used 3 times, making 4 in all.
Both were exported as .eps from Illustrator, then converted to PDF using
 epstopdf .

image1:  picture + labels, all done inside Illustrator.

image2:  picture from Illustrator, labels in TeX using Xy-pic + warmread.sty

image3:  same as image2, but with the marked-points shown also

image4:  same as image2, but at a larger size and with \LARGE labels
          and  \mathversion{bold} .

The LaTeX source is at:
Indeed the directory is open at:
so you can pick up the .bb files and original .eps files as well.

I'm planning to put more examples in this place, in preparation for
my TUG2001 talk.

The warmread.sty package and  xypdf  driver macros can be obtained from links on:

Have fun.

	Ross Moore

> great!
> Thierry Bouche
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