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White, George WhiteG at mar.dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Wed Jan 31 08:59:21 CET 2001

I'm not sure it fair to say people refuse to have their "latest"
software on CTAN.  In the cases I have encountered, the versions
that aren't on CTAN are generally "test" versions.  

It is important to consider the burden on a contributer.  If a 
package developer has a site where it is easy to post updates, 
it may be more effective to release test versions to a limited 
audience (in particular, people looking for a specific new 
feature/bug-fix) rather than dealing with a large number of 
bug reports if something is released to general use before 
it is ready.

CTAN should encourage authors of packages to include pointers to
sites where such test versions can be found as well as some 
indication of the package stability (e.g., "this packages hasn't
changed in several years and probably won't be updated in the
next year" vs "this package is still being developed -- test 
versions will be released frequently").

Revision control systems with bug tracking such as Sourceforge
offers might be worth considering, but I suspect many CTAN 
contributers won't have the sort of network access this requires. 

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> >>>>> "Robin" == Robin Fairbairns writes:
> Robin> apart from the myriad sources already listed, there's always
> Robin> ctan.  but i don't suppose many people associate ctan with
being a
> Robin> source of software any more :-(
>  Huh? I seem to miss something. What've been changed in ctan

merely that people don't seem to bother with ctan any more.  the major
discussion on the ctan internal list is what to do in the circumstance
that so many people refuse to have their latest software on ctan.

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