[pdftex] Upgrade 13d -> 14f failed

Thomas Neumann neumann at theologie.uni-halle.de
Fri Jan 19 16:04:50 CET 2001

Thomas Esser wrote:

>>  I have to upgrade my old pdftex from 13d to 14f on a Linux 6.3
>>  machine with teTeX 1.0.

>The relative location of the texmf.cnf file with respect to the binaries
>is non-standard in SuSE (it complies with some Linux standard, but this
>is not what teTeX usually expects). That is the reason why the binaries
>you use do not find the texmf.cnf file.
>Solution: add the line
>   export TEXMFCNF=`kpsewhich -show-path=.cnf`
>somewhere (e.g. your .bashrc or /etc/profile).

Yes, "Linux 6.3" is "SuSE Linux 6.3", sorry for the uncorrectness. 
And thanks for your help! After editing the SuSE specific 
/etc/profile.local it works fine, and I can create my format files.

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