[pdftex] Upgrade 13d -> 14f failed

Thomas Esser te at informatik.uni-hannover.de
Fri Jan 19 07:56:24 CET 2001

> I have to upgrade my old pdftex from 13d to 14f on a Linux 6.3 
> machine with teTeX 1.0.
> After downloading the precompiled linux archive from CTAN I have 
> copied the files where the 13d binaries and pool files are located. 
> texmf.cnf seems to be o.k., and I get:

The relative location of the texmf.cnf file with respect to the binaries
is non-standard in SuSE (it complies with some Linux standard, but this
is not what teTeX usually expects). That is the reason why the binaries
you use do not find the texmf.cnf file.

Solution: add the line
  export TEXMFCNF=`kpsewhich -show-path=.cnf`
somewhere (e.g. your .bashrc or /etc/profile).


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