[pdftex] \pdfannot example?

John Martin jwrmartin at dsgt.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 18 15:48:22 CET 2001

Many thanks for this. I traced my problem and it is too embarrassing too mention publicly {almost}. The font I use in my text editor has {} looking a lot like (). It was that simple. Your code is neater than what I'm using; I assume that the \pdfstringdef makes a legal pdf string?


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|John Martin wrote:
|> I am running pdftex 0.14f with hyperref, etc, running well and 
|wish to insert a comment/text annotation of the kind shown in the 
|example file for pdftex. I have copied the code there using 
|\pdfannot, and I have tried inserting an annotation using 
|\pdfobject but can get neither to work. I am using Adobe Acrobat 
|Reader 4.05 and doing the whole lot on WinNT. Ideally, I would 
|like to be able to put an annotation next to a graphic, say, with 
|the copyright information contained within it. Has anyone done 
|this? If so, could you give me an example?
|This is what I do (takes two arguments title, and text), can't quite
|remember how it works or where I got it from.
|  \pdfstringdef\x at title{#1}%
|  \edef\r{\string\r}%
|  \pdfstringdef\x at contents{#2}%
|  \pdfannot
|  width \linewidth
|  height 3\baselineskip
|  depth 0pt
|  {
|    /Subtype /Text
|    /T (\x at title)
|    /Contents (\x at contents)
|    }%
|  }
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