[pdftex] pdf ducument info (possible bug of 0.14f)

Tim Brunne brunne at hmi.de
Thu Jan 18 12:42:32 CET 2001


inspite of the risk that this has been reported already:

Using pdflatex 0.14f with hyperref-package: I set document
information using the 

	\pdfauthor, etc.

commands in the \hypersetup block of the LaTeX source. 
I can use the acrobat reader to check these settings.

NOW: I had a file I prepared in August/September 2000 with 
a version of pdftex before release 0.14f. Everything was fine.

After upgrading (Debian GNU/Linux system) to 0.14f I found that 
the (same) acrobat reader (as before) gave an error message
when I wanted to look at the document info, of a pdf-file
generated from the old sources with the 0.14f-release.
Looking at the PDF-source directly in emacs confirmed that the 
corresponding parts of the pdf-file seem to be broken.

Removing some of the \pdftitle, \pdfauthor, \pdfkeywords, etc.
commands in the \hypersetup block the document info was fine again.
Acrobat reader didn't complain any longer.

MY DIAGNOSIS: 0.14f has a newly introduced bug. If the amount of 
text in the document info section becomes to long pdftex produces 
erroneous PDF data.

Tim Brunne

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