[pdftex] pdf to text?

Robin Barker rmb1 at cise.npl.co.uk
Mon Jan 15 10:31:08 CET 2001

> In Acrobat Reader, select the text you want and "Copy" it tot he clipboard
> and then "Paste" it into your editor.
> Of course this won't work if the "text" is a bitmapped image,
> or if it is made using legacy bitmapped fonts.
> Also, if you are using a package like AE that fakes composite characters
> by overprinting, you will not get accented characters.
> But if you are using real text fonts you will get what you want.

This is how I do pdf to text but I have one problem.  Some ligatures
are dealt with properly, but "fl" does not work.

	Can you find a reflection?

If I cut and paste the resulting pdf file, I get:

	Can you find a re ection?

Can this be fixed?


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