[pdftex] hyperref and cite

Aiko Huckauf Aiko.Huckauf at epost.de
Thu Jan 11 18:18:45 CET 2001


in my last message I described a problem with the combination
hyperref/varioref. Of course this was rubbish: The problem is between
hyperref and cite:

In my thesis I want to have the literature references
sorted by number and collected, if possible.
With LaTeX and varioref I get something like
"Details can be found in [7,13,31-33]."
This is what I want.
But with pdfLaTeX, varioref and hyperref I get:
"Details can be found in [31,32,13,33,7]."
So the references are neigher sorted nor collected.

Has anybody any idea?

Aiko Huckauf

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