[pdftex] hyperref and list of floats

Aiko Huckauf Aiko.Huckauf at epost.de
Wed Jan 10 15:24:40 CET 2001


another question concerning hyperref: In addition to the "list
of figures" and the "list of tables", I'd like to get a "list
of plates" ("Tafelverzeichnis" in German; I hope "plate" is the
correct translation of the german word "Tafel", which means as
much as "colored figure").

With LaTeX I could simply define this new type of floats via

% Defining the float type "Tafel":

and add the lines

% Creating a "Tafelverzeichnis":

to my document, but with pdfLaTeX this isn't working, because
hyperref doesn't accept the definitions shown above.

Anybody any idea? I think this problem is not so exotic that I
am the first one who has to solve it.

Aiko Huckauf

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