[pdftex] Re: BOUNCE pdftex@tug.org: Non-member submission from [Samir Muzaferija <s.muzaferija@iccm.de>]

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Tue Jan 9 23:59:08 CET 2001

 > Sender: s.muzaferija at iccm.de

 > I would like to ask you for the help. When I try to process a tex file
 > using the pdflatex command, I get the following two errors
 > 1)
 > [60] <Fig/HypParaEllip.png 131.49124pt, 276.03125pt, obj 2015>
 > <use Fig/HypParaEllip.png>
 > ! Package graphics Error: Division by 0.

I would _guess_ that the resolution in the PNG file is weird.

Anyone else seen this?


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