[pdftex] landscape package- problems!!!

chiari mario chiari.hm at flashnet.it
Sun Jan 7 14:44:18 CET 2001

Dear all,

I am mailing this to a couple of mailing lists + newsgroup, since I am not
sure which one is the most appropiate.

I am trying to LaTex a paper, some of  whose pages I would like to have in
landscape orientation. Also, I would like to have a .pdf output (possibly,
by pdflatex)

I have tried the package landscape (within the graphics bundle). This is
what I got:

-- Yap doesn't seem to be able to display landscape mode
(is this a general issue with .dvi output?) 

-- if I use dvips, the .ps output displays landscape mode. However, when
pdfwrite to a .pdf output, the latter is poor. (why?) 

-- if I go directly from .tex to .pdf by pdflatex, .pdf output doesn't
display landscape mode. 

-- also, are there alternative to the landscape package? 

I am on win98 + MikTex (+WinEdt).

My file preamble is:



Any help is truly welcome and appreciate. 

Thanks mario

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