[pdftex] Hyperref and resetting counters...

Jody M. Klymak jklymak at oce.orst.edu
Fri Jan 5 13:29:18 CET 2001


I appologize if this isn't really appropriate for the pdftex list, but I
figure this is the best group of hyperref users....

I want two figures to have the same figure number w/o subnumbering, so I
simply decrease the figure counter:

    \caption{Blah blah blah}



This works great but hyperref gets upset:

ERROR: pdfTeX warning (ext4): destination with the same identifier
--- TeX said ---
has been already used, duplicate ignored <to be read again>
\endgroup  l.619 \clearpage                  <./fig2.jpg>] [9 --- HELP ---
No help available

This error is unfortunate, because the document typesets perfectly, and the
hyper references work fine.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a better
way to get what I want (I know about subfloat, but I don't want the figures
named fig. 1a, 1b etc because each figure has six frames already called fig.

Thanks,  Jody

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