[pdftex] square root in metapost

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Feb 26 10:24:38 CET 2001

At 06:53 PM 2/23/01 -0300, margarida wrote:
>I am having trouble including the square root symbol in a
>metapost picture. If I process the picture in metapost  by
>itself, everything works fine. The troble arises when trying
>to use pdflatex to process the metapost commands directly as
>in the error.tex file below

Looks like unwanted expansion. You can try \string\sqrt and \string\frac in
you example. 

>Without the square root text the file runs OK.  Any help is

If you have a bit recent version of context, you can say:  



  label.lft (btex $\displaystyle \frac{a-b}{2}$ etex, (1cm,0)) ;
  label.top (btex $\sqrt{ab}$                   etex, (3cm,0)) ;


and get a stand alone graphic, that can be included in latex. (more on that
in the mtafun manual). 

I will send you the pdf off list


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