[pdftex] Bitmaps with transparent background?

Dok, D. van d.vandok at ecn.nl
Thu Feb 22 12:15:53 CET 2001

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> Subject: [pdftex] Bitmaps with transparent background?

> Is it possible to include a bitmap graphic with transparent 
> background?
> And when it is possible, how it is done, I tried with PNG but
> this result in black background.
> May be PDF does not allow transparent background in bitmaps?

I have a similar question: does pdftex have a concept of `layers' such as
would be found in graphical design tools? I've been successful so far
putting one thing over another by working bottom-to-top. I have the feeling
this works more by accident then by design.

In other words, does the PDF specification have a concept of `transparency'
and `layers' and, if so, how can it be addressed from pdftex?


Dennis van Dok 

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