[pdftex] Commutative Diagrams in PDFLaTeX

Cliff Bergman cbergman at iastate.edu
Mon Feb 19 11:43:02 CET 2001

Quoted mail:
> Hi all,
> Before converting to PDFLaTeX, I used a package "diagrams.sty" by Paul 
> Taylor for producing commutative diagrams.
> Unfortunately this package does not fully work with PDFLaTeX. Does 
> anyone know of a similar package that is PDFLaTeX compatible?

I've been successfully using "pb-diagram", which is available on CTAN in
the latex section.  One interesting twist is that it works alone and also
with both the xy-pic arrows and also the lamstex arrows.  If you use that
latter, be sure to pick up the fixed versions of lams?.mf, dated Jan. 1997.


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