[pdftex] simple graphics question

Steven E. Landsburg steven at landsburg.com
Wed Feb 14 16:52:26 CET 2001

I am writing plain TeX (*not* LaTeX) and want to be able to
produce both .dvi and .pdf files from the same source.  I
have no problem doing this as long as there are no graphics

Now I'm trying to make the graphics work.

What I've done:

   My document contains the lines

     \input eplain
     \input epsf
     \input graphicx
     \includegraphics[bb=100 100 200 200]{bigjug.jpg}

What happens:

    pdftex gets to the \includegraphics line and says "non-PDF special
    ignored", then creates a .pdf file that fails to include the 

I'm sure there's something very basic that I'm missing here.  Can 
someone tell me what it is?

Steven E. Landsburg
steven at landsburg.com

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