[pdftex] /pdfinfo {/Producer (foo)} not working

Heiko Oberdiek oberdiek at ruf.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Feb 14 18:47:53 CET 2001

At 22:42 13.02.2001 +0100, Martin Schröder wrote:
>On 2001-01-03 14:07:43 +0100, Martin Schröder wrote:
>> /pdfinfo is ignored. Am I doing something wrong?

It seems that the pdfinfo part is introduced _after_
the default entry of pdfTeX, so that the resulting
pdf file will contain
  /Producer (pdfTeX-0.14g)
  /Creator (TeX)

AR seems to use the first entry, so that "foo"
is hided.

  Postprocess the file and replace the slash
  of the first /Producer entry with a percent
    %Producer (pdfTeX-0.14g)

Yours sincerely
  Heiko <oberdiek at ruf.uni-freiburg.de>

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