[pdftex] RE: pdftex & AcroReader

Charlie Zender zender at uci.edu
Tue Feb 13 09:59:34 CET 2001


> this problem has already been discussed several times in
> mail-list, but its solution has only partly been obtained.

> When one uses AcroReader as viewer under TeXing, he should close
> document before translation (Ctrl + W) and reopen it after
> translation (Ctrl + <-). It is helpful when TeX-editor does that.

This does not work for me on Linux with acroread 4.0:

Ctl+w does close the document, but
Ctl+leftarrow does not reopen it (after translation or not)

I assume by Ctl+ <- you mean control-leftarrow, but I also tried
control-lessthan, control-lessthan-dash, control-backspace,
control-tab and none of these reopened the document. Please clarify
if you meant something else or if I am doing something wrong.

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