[pdftex] Possible bug in pdftexinfo.tex

Charlie Zender zender at uci.edu
Sun Feb 11 21:25:17 CET 2001


The latest GNU texinfo.tex file (\texinfoversion{2000-12-11.07})
from ftp.gnu.org works fine with a long TeXinfo file I have.
The texinfo.tex file that accompanies recent pdftex distributions,
however, appears to have some problems. Namely, the file texinfo.tex
in pdftex distribution pdftex-20010126, which has a late 1999 datestamp

\def\texinfoversion{1999-08-19.17} % updated for pdfTeX

appears to not support some texinfo 4.0 features. I believe the feature
that the pdf texinfo.tex is failing on is handling index entries which
contain entries of the format

@acronym{FOO} plain text.

The index files (e.g., doc.cps) that texi2dvi generates from a *.texi
file appear to cause texindex to barf when the pdftexinfo.tex file is
used. Of course, I do not think that texi2dvi is calling pdftex, I
think it is calling plain tex. But I, and others, I believe,
have  in front of $TEXMFDIR/tex in our $TEXINPUTS
variable so that pdftexinfo.tex is used instead of texinfo.tex.
In any case, it appears that blithely calling texi2dvi with
$TEXMFDIR/pdftex first in one's path will result in failure on
perfectly legal *.texi files. My guess is that pdftexinfo.tex
is out of date. Or perhaps I am doing something wrong and if so
would appreciate knowing what. I thought the idea was that 
pdftexinfo.tex should work fine when called by regular tex, but
should do special extra features when called by pdftex.

Charlie Zender zender at uci.edu (949) 824-2987/FAX-3256, Department of
Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine CA 92697-3100

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