[pdftex] Using Truetype font symbols from TS1?

Dok, D. van d.vandok at ecn.nl
Fri Feb 9 16:36:36 CET 2001


I'm using 


to get all the windows characters in the windows codepage to work.
``mycoding'' is a slight modification of ansinew to include the euro symbol
in position 0x80. This works like a marvel for postscript fonts. 

I should like to do the same thing for TrueType fonts, and on
http://www.radamir.com/tex/ttf-tex.htm is a
complete description of how to install a TrueType font with pdfTeX.

All is well except for the encoding vector: there is an encoding vector
T1-WGL4.enc that comes with ttf2tfm, which
maps a truetype font to the T1 encoding. For the iso-8859-1 set this is
plenty, but the symbols in 0x80--0xBF are unavailable. How do I create a tfm
file in the TS1 encoding from my TrueType font? Is there a TS1-WGL4.enc
file somewhere?


Dennis van Dok

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