[pdftex] eepic and pdflatex

Don Robinson drrobin at ilstu.edu
Fri Feb 9 09:05:26 CET 2001

I teach statistics and use pdf files for various purposes.  When drawing
distributions (normal, t, etc.) I use diagonal lines (e.g.
\line(1,1){length}) to shade appropriate parts of the distribution.  For
lines shorter than allowed by LaTeX's picture environment, my practice is
to use bezier curves to fake straight lines (e.g.,
\qbezier(x1,y1)(x1,y1)(x2,y2)).  The appearance in printed output is
satisfactory, but in pdf files you can see the difference if the diagram is
enlarged even slightly.  A few months ago I started using the eepic package
and replaced all straight-line bezier curves.  The printed output looks
better but when I try to create a pdf file I get the usual complaint:
Non-pdf special ignored.  

Is there any way I can use the eepic package and create pdf files that show
these lines?  I am using the current TeXLive 5.0.

Don R. Robinson
Professor of Quantitative Methods
Illinois State University 
drrobin at ilstu.edu

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