[pdftex] Movies in PDF documents with pdfTeX

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Dec 28 10:31:38 CET 2001

At 01:14 PM 12/27/2001 +0100, Gérard Degrez wrote:
>After browsing through the pdftex manual, Thomas Merz's pdfmark primer and 
>getting a suggestion from a subscriber of the GUTenberg list, I think that 
>it should be possible to include a link to a movie using the \pdfannot 
>command. However, although the code
>\pdfannot{[ /Rect [0 0 400 300]
>/Type /Annot
>/Subtype /Movie
>/Title (Vorticity)
>/Movie << /F (intro.mov) >>
>/A << /ShowControls true >>
>/ANN pdfmark}
>produces no compilation error, it does not provide the desired result (as 
>a matter of fact, the resulting pdf file cannot be opened by Acrobat Reader).
>I am clearly missing something. Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

(unchecked, from the back of my mind)

specify the dimensions using width ... height ... after \pdfannot (no rect 
needed) ; the rect is kind of tricky since it uses absolute coordinates)

/Type /Annot : probably redundant

/Title -> /T

/Movie <</F (name.mov) /Aspect [400 300]>>

it may help to specify the aspect ratio

also: do you have the movie plugin installed? when you start fresh, the 
first click on the movie should result in some disk activity demonstrating 
that the movie plug in is loaded


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