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William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Fri Dec 21 14:30:57 CET 2001

Thierry wrote:
>I'm afraid not. pdftex's font handling is tex's font handling, no less
>no more: it needs a TFM for each font used, and the TFM is the only
>source for intelligent font handling, using a format lod by 20
>years. The HZ feature hooks into the justification/line building
>mechanism, it only changes fonts for one given line, nothing's
>contectual in the sense of OT.

At the moment when one knows what the line is, and is about to write it
into the .pdf, couldn't one then do a look-up in the (matching?)
OpenType Font(s), note which chars want for substitution and do that


I then noted:
» 3 - this sort of thing has been done before---SIL's nifty TeX/GX
» implementation. Sadly, Zapfino doesn't benefit from usage therein
» not very many of its 1,285 characters are wired up :(

and Thierry replied:
>dunno this. A full support of OT implies Omega + PDF + ...

It was QuickDraw/GX, now known as ATSUI, and it managed pretty much that
(but output to QuickDraw/GX / PostScript (SIL is the Summer Institute of
Linguistics, a front for the Mormon Church's evangelization /
proselytization and Bible /Book of Mormon translations).


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