[pdftex] Inclusion of pdf graphics

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard at kammer.uni-hannover.de
Tue Dec 18 21:59:35 CET 2001

recently I installed pdftex-1.0 and now have a problem that I didn't
have with 0.14h.

I have a lot of jpg images converted to pdf

.jpg.eps :
	convert $< $@

.eps.pdf :
	epstopdf -o=$@ $<

and included them into a pdf file using pdflatex.

This worked well with 0.14h but now, most of the images are rotated by
90 degrees.

The problem is that gs7.03 puts a "/Rotate 90" into the pdf file if
the /MediaBox is set by epstopdf:
print OUT "<< /PageSize [$width $height] >> setpagedevice\n";

This looks like a bug in gs7.03.  But the "/Rotate 90" obviously has
been ignored by older pdftex versions.

If I change all occurrences of "/Rotate 90" to "/Rotate  0",
everything works well with pdftex-1.0.

Can anyone confirm that this is a bug in ghostscript 7.03?

Furthermore I just see that the latest version of pdftex ignores the
/CropBox.  In version 0.14h the /CropBox was used instead of the
/MediaBox if it was supplied.

Something like
<</Type/Page/MediaBox [0 0 612 792]
/Rotate 0/Parent 3 0 R
/ExtGState 8 0 R
/Contents 6 0 R
/CropBox [0 0 99.9999924 100.01]

was processed like this in pdftex 0.14h:

loading : Context Support Macros / PDF
) <valid.pdf, id=3D7, 100.37498pt x 100.38504pt> <use valid.pdf> [1

and like this in pdftex 1.0:

loading : Context Support Macros / PDF
) <valid.pdf, id=7, 614.295pt x 794.97pt> <use valid.pdf>

Is this desired?


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