[pdftex] no room for a new dimen ... !?

Erwin Achermann acherman at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Dec 11 16:59:02 CET 2001

Thanks for all the workarounds. 

For the solution using pdfelatex instead of pdflatex. This didn't help
at all. Do I have to reconfigure etex somehow to enlarge the room for
dimens first? 

For the solution to use an empty supp-mis file: I do indeed inlclude a
few (in fact it's exactly one) metapost graphic. So i seem to use
supp-mis really. 

I haven't tried the hack to bend dimens into macros. However thanks for
the proposal, i might be forced to consider it. 

The culprit package in my case was the isodate, which format \today into
ISO-compliant form. This can admittedly be done by hand in my case.
Therefore  throwed it out. But this is a pitty honestly. So if somebody
has the time to make isodate less dimen-hungry, this would be worthwhile
and (at least) I would be grateful for that :) 


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