[pdftex] showkeys-package vs. autoref / hyperref / hypertarge t

Stueker, Dirk dirk.stueker at volkswagen.de
Mon Dec 17 15:16:29 CET 2001

> ...
> \newcommand*{\ORGautoref}{}
> \let\ORGautoref\autoref
> \def\autoref#1{%
>   \begingroup
>     \setbox0=\hbox{\ref{#1}}%
>   \endgroup
>   \ORGautoref{#1}%
> }
This fragment does not work at all (no refs any more).


This is somewhat better, allthough still not exactly the same as with

Above the autoref, a box with the correct label can be seen. 
Unfortunately the reference itself gets changed. Instead of "equation 2.1"
"2.1 equation 2.1" appears. Seems to be a small problem - but I am
not familiar with LaTeX programming :-(.


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