[pdftex] Biography link problems

Rui Pimenta rpimenta at bigfoot.com
Wed Dec 12 17:28:05 CET 2001

Hello all,

I'm having problems with the Biography ref links. When generating the document it
produces the biography automatically and in each reference (i.e. book or article) there
is a reference that indicates in which page number that reference is mentioned. Well,
the problem is that when I press on the link reference it sends me to the absolute page number
of the document (i.e. if the reference is in the page marked with (iii) it goes to the
3rd page in the report but if the the ref. is 3 it goes to the 3 absolute page in the
report that is the same as iii). In the report the first pages are numbered with roman numbers and after
that I reset the page counter and start with arabic numbering.

Do anyone has any idea? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Rui Pimenta                    mailto:rpimenta at bigfoot.com

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