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Felix Neubauer felix.neubauer at gmx.net
Wed Dec 12 10:34:12 CET 2001

Stueker, Dirk wrote:
> Actually there are a few problems I could not solve by myself and
> unfortunately I did not find any proper help in the web. I want
> to use the main part of each slide for my presentation, so I made
> use of \bottombuttons rather than using a panel.
> 1. How can I change the color of these bottom buttons? Because my
> company's foilmaster is white, I have white buttons on a white
> background - which is useless.
> 2. Is it possible to change the language of the bottom buttons?
> Allthough my Acrobat Reader is German and \usepackage{german} is
> included all buttons remain English.

Both are color and the strings of the bottom buttons are hardcoded into 
pdfscreen.sty. You can override the settings by putting the following 
code into your pdfscreen.cfg.

       \Acrobatmenu{FirstPage} {\@battrib Erste }        
       \Acrobatmenu{PrevPage}  {\@battrib Vorherige }         
       \Acrobatmenu{NextPage}  {\@battrib N\"achste }         
       \Acrobatmenu{LastPage}  {\@battrib Letzte }         
       \Acrobatmenu{GoBack}    {\@battrib Zur\"uck }      
       \Acrobatmenu{FullScreen}{\@battrib Vollbild }  
       \Acrobatmenu{Close}     {\@battrib Schlie\ss en }        
       \Acrobatmenu{Quit}      {\@battrib Beenden }         

and replace <yourcolor> with the color of your choice.

> 3. How / where do I use the \pagedissolve option. The only thing
> I got working is that either all slides are invisible or no
> transition effekt is done.

The texpower package by Stephan Lehmke contains macros to activate each 
of the page transition effects directly. You can donwload it from the 
following location:


Felix Neubauer, felix.neubauer at gmx.net

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