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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard at kammer.uni-hannover.de
Sun Dec 9 04:57:09 CET 2001

>>>>> "Thierry" == Thierry Bouche <Thierry.Bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr> writes:

    > [...] Is chance that it could be possible one day to use AE or
    > ZE fonts and have é be registered as é in the PDF ?

It should be possible since TeX already knows where to put the \'
above the e.  If this information is available one could add a new
character é to the type1 font before it is processed by TeX.

You can run t1disasm on a type1 font to see how é is implemeted
there and then write a program that retrieves information from the
afm/tfm/vpl files and create a new character /eacute and then run
t1asm on that file.  If this works, it should be possible to put this
algorithm into pdftex.


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