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Wed Dec 5 18:56:29 CET 2001

This "minus signs don't print" question has been asked many times
on this list over the years, and as far as I can recall a
definitive answer has never been produced. This is probably
because only a few people seem to have it. In at least some
cases, the problem only occurred for certain models of
printers, and I seem to remember that some older HP
printers were susceptible to it.

Bob Howlett


Quoting Carsten Friedrich <carsten at cs.usyd.edu.au>:

> Hi,
> I use pdftex and WinEdt on a windows 98 machine. Because my pdf files
> would not print from acrobat with partially embedded fonts I changed
> my
> font map to include many fonts completely (changing < to <<). I tried
> not
> to do this for standard fonts like courier and times. My document
> displays
> fine when displayed using acrobat, but when printing, some characters
> are 
> missing.
> They include the minus sign in mathematical formulas and greek letters
> in
> mathematical formulas. Acrobat says my document uses the following
> fonts:
> original font, type, encoding, actual font, type
> Times-Bold, type1, custom, TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT, Type1
> Times-Roman, type 1, custom, TimesNewRomanPSMT, type 1
> CM<something>, type 1, built-in, embedded, type1
> Times-Italic, type 1, custom, TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT, type 1
> Courier, type 1, custom, ,,
> CM<something> is short for a list of all kinds of CM fonts. Courier does
> not
> seem to have an actual font.
> Any idea what the problem might be and how to fix it?
> Thanks,
> Carsten
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