[pdftex] Characters missing when printing from Acrobat

Carsten Friedrich carsten at cs.usyd.edu.au
Wed Dec 5 10:25:55 CET 2001


I use pdftex and WinEdt on a windows 98 machine. Because my pdf files
would not print from acrobat with partially embedded fonts I changed my
font map to include many fonts completely (changing < to <<). I tried not
to do this for standard fonts like courier and times. My document displays
fine when displayed using acrobat, but when printing, some characters are 
They include the minus sign in mathematical formulas and greek letters in
mathematical formulas. Acrobat says my document uses the following fonts:

original font, type, encoding, actual font, type

Times-Bold, type1, custom, TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT, Type1
Times-Roman, type 1, custom, TimesNewRomanPSMT, type 1
CM<something>, type 1, built-in, embedded, type1
Times-Italic, type 1, custom, TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT, type 1
Courier, type 1, custom, ,,

CM<something> is short for a list of all kinds of CM fonts. Courier does not
seem to have an actual font.

Any idea what the problem might be and how to fix it?


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