[pdftex] Hyphenating Cyrillic text.

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Dec 4 10:27:41 CET 2001

> » > 	I usually add '0' to every number in texmf.cnf :) We've got 
> » > virtual memory, right? :)
> » 
> » if you've got the physical memory to support it, fine.  force your
> » system to swap, and you'll be whinging about the feeble behaviour of
> » tex.
> How hard would it be to have dynamical memory allocation in TeX?
> This is the only program I use that is so ridiculously passé...

it's doable (since the y&y people managed) but one presumes it's
non-trivial because none of the other commercial versions, let alone
any of the free ones, do it.  since y&y claim it as one of their
advantages, it would surely be something of a coup for the other
commercials to be able to put them down on that point.

since knuth forswore dynamic memory in favour of arrays, he wrote
_every_ memory access as if it were an array access.  if we were
willing to take the performance hit of running with perl-style dynamic
arrays, i suppose the conversion would be simple.  personally, i don't
see it happening: if we're going to change, we'll have to change every
memory access.

i would guess, that if anyone's going to make the change, it will be
john plaice, with his hordes of eager-beaver software engineering
students.  (or perhaps i'm getting the wrong impression from the bits
of work they've already done ;-)

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