[pdftex] Hyphenating Cyrillic text.

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Dec 4 09:45:27 CET 2001

boris bobotras wrote:

> On Tue, 04 Dec 2001 09:29:00 GMT, Michael Chapman wrote:
> > Thanks. That works, but  _only__ if I comment out a couple of 'major' Western
> >  
> > European languages.
> > 
> > If not, I get something like :
> > 
> > ! Tex capacity exceeded, sorry [pattern memory=65535]
> > hence my quest to tinker with TRIE_SIZE, which then still gives a capacity 
> > exceeded.
> 	Try main_memory or pool_size.

how would that help?  if he can't load his hyphenation patterns, he's
not yet getting anywhere near exercising those.

my recommendation in the past has always been to increase trie_size
and then rebuild all relevant formats (to be simplest, just "all
formats").  if the rebuild _still_ says trie size isn't large enough,
increase it again.

> > The comment in TEXMF.CNF next to TRIE_SIZE is the one hat suggests altering 
> > parameters in TEX.CH which mys system (in lower case!) does not  _seem_  to 
> > possess ???
> 	I usually add '0' to every number in texmf.cnf :) We've got 
> virtual memory, right? :)

if you've got the physical memory to support it, fine.  force your
system to swap, and you'll be whinging about the feeble behaviour of

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