[pdftex] Hyphenating Cyrillic text.

Michael Chapman mchapman at mchapman.com
Mon Dec 3 19:58:17 CET 2001

I need to hyphenate several languages.

I have edited LANGUAGE.DAT

One (I forget which) of the files tells me to edit TEXMF.CNF and to then 
rebuild using TEXCONFIG INIT

I (apologies to authors) find TEXMF.CNF fairly opaque.
I have tried editing TRIE_SIZE, but this has no effect.

That is logical as TEXMF.CNF says I "must" edit SSUP_TRIBE_OPCODE and 
SSUP_TRIE_SIZE in a file called TEX.CH
However (at least according to Linux's "locate" command) there is no file 
called TEX.CH on my box. I do have a fully (as far as I have ever noticed :-) 
!) functional PdfTex system.

Apologies if this is not the correct place to ask, but I have niggled at this 
for some months. The FAQs I have found return me to the comments in the 
TEX.CNF file, and so around in circles.

Some help would be much appreciated (I do not really want to have to fall 
back on canabalising other languages to fit Ukrainian in!).


	Michael Chapman

And, yes, apologies for putting file names in upper case (in the hope that is 
clearer). They are all in lower case, and case sensitive, on my OS.

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