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Richard Sudarmono iye at gmx.de
Mon Dec 3 12:08:56 CET 2001

Dear Radhakrishnan,

On 3  Dec 2001 05:15:41 Radhakrishnan CV wrote:

RC> If you can use pdftricks.sty which allows to use pstricks code in a
RC> pdfTeX document, all your worries are solved. pdftricks does the job
RC> of writing your pstricks code to external files, runs latex, makes
RC> dvi, translates to ps, fixes the bounding box, converts to pdf and
RC> includes in your document. The modified sources of circuit11.tex,
RC> output and pdftricks.sty are available at:

RC>  http://www.river-valley.com/download/circuit11.tex
RC>  http://www.river-valley.com/download/circuit11.pdf
RC>  http://www.river-valley.com/download/pdftricks.sty

RC> This version of pdftricks supports mikTeX, the CTAN version is yet 
RC> to be updated.

Thank you VERY MUCH. Indeed it helps me much.


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