[pdftex] pdfPicture for pdftex

Richard Sudarmono iye at gmx.de
Sun Dec 2 07:41:22 CET 2001

I'm having trouble using epstopdf.
I tried to get the right boundingbox of this picture:

I use the 'usual' way: latex (miktex 2.1)> dvips (with no option) >
(in GSView 4 with Ghostscript 7 unter Win98) PS to EPS > epstopdf
(with no option)

Unfortunately acroread shows everytime the small picture on an A4 paper.
Thus the picture hasn't the right boundingbox.

I need those pictures that bad urgently.
Could anyone help me please, how can I solve this problem ?
(I have searched in this maillist archive, with no pleasingly Information)

Thanks in advance.


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