[pdftex] Acrobat and /Dur key

George N. White III WhiteG at mar.dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Wed Aug 29 14:58:12 CEST 2001

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Berthold Crysmann wrote:

> BTW: Does anyone know by chance whether a Unix version of the Acrobat
> Reader 5.0 will become available?
> It would be nice to know, whether Adobe still considers support for
> non-Mac non-Windows OS's. As I understand, different major versions of
> the reader support different versions of the PDF spec

I wouldn't rely on Adobe doing anything for X-windows based display.
Although the unix market is healthy, the high-end systems tend to be
servers.  Many sites are moving to Win32 PC's for display functions, so
you don't get a lot of big customers telling Adobe they really must have
a version of AR for X.

If you want to use PDF on X, you should carefully examine where
xpdf, ghostscript, gsview, etc. need improvement and contribute to
them.  In my opinion, there is currently a window of opportunity
for the open source community to "take over" PDF by fixing the
things Adobe hasn't done right so that X becomes the preferred
platform for PDF generation.

George N. White III <gnw3 at acm.org> Bedford Institute of Oceanography

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