[pdftex] Acrobat and /Dur key

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Aug 29 12:01:09 CEST 2001

At 10:38 AM 8/29/2001 +0200, Stephan Lehmke wrote:

>We just installed acrobat 5.0 on our computers and it seems
>support for the /Dur key in full screen mode is gone for
>Is this documented anywhere?

it's not gone, the whole auto-full screen transition piece of code is crap, 
actually it has been so since the beginning; some versions of reader 
support it, some versions of exchange, and now both reader and exchange 
fail on it.

Has the specification changed? Does Adobe care whether its
>own products respect their own pdf specification?
>Is this documented anywhere? Does anyone know a method
>to make _anyone_ at Adobe listen and at least _acknowledge_
>the error?

no, i think it was not tested -)

>I'm using a lot of animations (realised with the /Dur key)
>in my lectures, and this is really getting on my nerves.
>Is there a simple workaround using JavaScript?

sure, use a timer and advance the page one by one; beware: the times stuff 
is also buggy since it keeps running when the docu is closed, so you need 
to catch exceptions and kill the script nicely. Of course this is only 
possible in acro 5 so then opening your file in version 4 will pop up an 
error message.

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