[pdftex] Acrobat and /Dur key

Stephan Lehmke lehmke at jupiter.cs.uni-dortmund.de
Wed Aug 29 11:38:30 CEST 2001

Dear list,

this may be slightly off topic, but I just tried calling the
*&%$&^% Adobe hotline without even getting through to a human
being ("please enter your customer number" - how the f*** do
you enter a `number' which contains letters, blanks and 

We just installed acrobat 5.0 on our computers and it seems
support for the /Dur key in full screen mode is gone for 

Is this documented anywhere?

The pdf specification (1.3) explicitly states in section
6.4.1 (presentation mode):

"A PDF viewer is not required to provide a presentation mode. If
such a mode is provided by the viewer or a plug-in, however, then 
these keys define its behavior."

Well, acrobat's full screen mode definitely looks like a 
`presentation mode', but the /Dur key is simply ignored
(as it is by acroread 4.05, but so far it still worked 
in acrobat 4).

Has the specification changed? Does Adobe care whether its
own products respect their own pdf specification?
Is this documented anywhere? Does anyone know a method
to make _anyone_ at Adobe listen and at least _acknowledge_
the error?

I'm using a lot of animations (realised with the /Dur key)
in my lectures, and this is really getting on my nerves.

Is there a simple workaround using JavaScript?


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