[pdftex] char protrusion

Felix Neubauer felix.neubauer at gmx.net
Tue Aug 21 18:07:20 CEST 2001

On Tuesday, 21. August 2001 16:15, Berthold Crysmann wrote:
> Dear all,
> it appears that char protrusion has changed again in the most recent
> version of pdftex. Does anyone have a protcode.tex that is suitable for
> the new dimensions used?
> With pdftex-pretest-1.00a lines  protrude about several characters...

Character protrusion in pdftex-pretest-1.00a uses the same values as 
version 0.14h and newer. There is an updatetd version of protcote.tex on CTAN 
in CTAN:tex-archive/systems/pdftex/ext/, but this version contains a bug in 
the \adjustprotcode macro which prevents it from recognizing versions >0.14. 
Replacing the definition of \adjustprotcode with the following code will fix 
the problem.

   \ifnum\pdftexversion > 13
        \ifnum \expandafter`\pdftexrevision > `g
         \else\ifnum\pdftexversion > 14
            \advance\@tempcnta 1
        \ifnum\@tempcnta < 256 \repeat

Yours sincerely
Felix Neubauer, felix.neubauer at gmx.net

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