[pdftex] Color

John S. Dey jsdey at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 15 21:25:45 CEST 2001

Hi!  I'm new to this list and new to pdftex. Is there a source of examples 
latex/tex and corresponding pdf files similar to the example.tex.  I have 
example.tex and it works on my RH7.1 distribution.  I have gone farther 
than I would have expected but I have hit a problem that requires some 

My file contains \usepackage[pdftex]{graphicx, color}

Importing, rotating and displaying jpg file works like a charm. \color 
<color model> also but

\pagecolor [rgb]{0,0,1} doesn't.  Pdftex prints the following to the display:

! Undefined control sequence.

<argument>...me \current at color {0,0,1}\set at color

Any general (on pdftex) or specific advice would be greatly 
appreciated.  Thanks.

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