[pdftex] lucida font in context/pdftex

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Fri Aug 10 08:54:34 CEST 2001

At 19:53 2001-08-09 -0400, Allin Cottrell wrote:
>On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Tom Kacvinsky wrote:
> > This is not a pdftex problem.
> >
> > The "problem" is that context is using Y&Y font names instead of
> > Karl Berry font names...

Actually, they aren't Y&Y font names :-), but the actual font file names
as supplied by the foundry  --- which, some may think, simplifies
matters and removes one more level of indirection...

>Right enough.  I've overcome that problem by downloading the Y&Y tfms,
>and I'll direct subsequent questions to the context mailing list.
>Allin Cottrell.


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