[pdftex] Document Info in pdf

Himanshu gohel at csee.usf.edu
Wed Aug 8 14:50:16 CEST 2001

Hello Pedro,

> Is there a way to update the pdf's Document Summary (title, subject,
> author,...) from a LaTeX file, that when you convert it to pdf these
> are filled with the info you want?
> Only the creator and the producer seem to be updated...

I use something like this (without the need for hyperref):


  \pdfinfo {
    /Title (Your Title)
        /Author (Himanshu J. Gohel)
        /Subject (Warp: A Method for Interactive Shape Design)
        /Keywords (NURBS interactive shaping free form design CAD)
  % choose the draft mode for graphics for quick processing/printing
  % Forcing final will include figures in DVI file even if document
  % is in draft mode (\onehalfspacing)

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