[pdftex] Problems with metapost

Daniel Garcia danitous at yahoo.es
Tue Apr 24 11:17:11 CEST 2001

 I tried to use metapost with pdflatex as it is
written in the FAQ, with \usepackage[pdftex]graphicx,
\ConvertMptoPDF but everything went wrong, I allways
got things like

! Undefined control sequence.
\handleMPsequence ...=\MPwidth \vbox to \MPheight 
{\forgetall \vfill \PDFcod...
l.248 showpage

To my surprise it worked when I inserted these lines
just after \documentclass

\input supp-mis.tex
\input supp-pdf.tex

I thought that these two files where loaded by
graphicx, could somebody explain what is wrong.

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