[pdftex] cmtt 11pt

Fritz Diener fritz.diener at tuwien.ac.at
Thu Apr 19 21:07:35 CEST 2001


im using miktex 2.0, pdftex 0.14f and the adobe reader 5.0.
everything works fine, the pdf output looks great ...
... but only on the monitor.

can anybody tell me why i have a high quality online-version,
but if i want to print it out, adobe tell's me, that he's 
unable to load a font.

If i use cmtt 12pt instead, everything works fine. do i have a
bad configuration file (pdftex.cfg only loads psfonts.map)
if i use pdftex.cfg.cs, the version is printable, but the
monitor looks awful (guess this is a cfg file which uses 
bitmaps). i seems to me as cmtt 11pt is missing...

i am not sure if it depends on the adobe reader 5.0, unluckely
i'm forced to use this version.

thanx, max

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