[pdftex] Re: pdftex-pdfcrypt - The Missing Link(?).

Karsten Tinnefeld tinne at ls2.cs.uni-dortmund.de
Thu Apr 19 19:18:06 CEST 2001


>  > and there are, anyway, a few publishers that give away documents for
>  > free "for screen reading only" which would not otherwise.
> The reason being that it does not work.  There are too many ways
> to work around a "do not print" limitation for it to be serious.
> Every day or two someone on comp.text.pdf asks about this or
> explains how to do it.

Yes, this is the thing remarkable about that: that there *exist* 
people who are ignorant of this fact.

E.g., you can download "disabled" versions of the German federal law 
proceedings "Bundesgesetzblatt" from 
http://www.bundesanzeiger.de/bgbl1.htm or choose to pay EUR 135 for an 
"enabled" version from the same place.

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